Are you struggling with making the right choices for your body?

Are you struggling with making the right choices for your body?

We know that sugar is bad... but did you know that it can affect your mood, your self-esteem, your skin and so much more?

10-Day Sugar Detox

Yes, you probably already knew this!

Through my 10-Day Sugar Detox I will teach you the natural ways to get energy and have enough of it throughout the day to do the things you love without feeling burnt out. 

What you need is a powerful solution that will help you cut your sugar cravings loose and say good-bye to debilitating decisions. I know how to make that happen.

It's time to believe in yourself.

So why is it so hard to let go of our sugar cravings?

How It Works

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Say Yes

Commit to your detox start date, prepare for delicious & nourishing meals... let the transformation begin!

Set the Date

After the 10 days ends you'll be feeling lighter & clearer. You have created healthy habits that last!

Feel amazing

Ten years ago, I was addicted to sugar, I woke up tired and often felt overwhelmed.

At the time I had no idea that by giving in to my sugar cravings I was adding to the vicious cycle.

Sneaking one piece of chocolate soon became a whole block and before I knew it food was for emotional comfort rather than for fuel. I wasn't happy in my own skin and knew I had to make a change. So I worked on my mindset and replaced sugar with nutritious whole foods. Within days I felt so much better!

i can help because i've been there

And NOW I KNOW HOW good it feels to have kicked my sugar habit to the curb for good!

Here's What You Need

A Blueprint to break up with Sugar

Forget complicated recipes and hours spent in the kitchen. The 10-Day Sugar Detox is an easy to follow holistic program for today's busy woman.

Mindset & Lifestyle Tips

This program will give you the tools to successfully end your sugar addiction and create healthy habits that stick.

freedom to Change things up

Don't love a certain ingredient or want to change up the meal plan? No worries! As long as you follow the simple 'eat' and 'don't eat' guidelines in this program you'll successfully detox from sugar.

The 10-Day Sugar Detox will help you lose those extra kilos, have less mood swings & get that glowing skin!

- SAm Cannell, Holistic Health Coach

A Comprehensive Detox Guide Including Tips, Resources & More.

How does this sound?

40 Delicious Recipes (Includes Omnivore & Vegetarian Options).



All of this is included:

10 Days of Suggested Meals & Pantry List Plus a Food Diary.


Mindset Tools Including Positive Affirmations for Destroying Cravings.


Bonus Resources - Sugar Addiction Checklist & Supplement Guide.


“At the start I didn't think I would be able to stick to the detox but it was much easier than I expected! I felt so good and I've kept the healthy habits going beyond the detox.”

Maddie broke up with oreo's

Do you want to?

look & feel amazing

Have Sufficient Energy to be able to do the things you love

Lose weight

Have glowing skin

find confidence and empowerment to make the right decisions that improve your health

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is that a yes?

“If you're sitting on the fence, please don't - it's life changing!”

- Samantha