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Sugar Detox

Set your sugar cravings free and say good-bye to debilitating decisions. Through my 10-Day Sugar Detox I will teach you the natural ways to get energy and have enough of it throughout the day to do the things you love without feeling burnt out. 

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Hormone Detox

A comprehensive and sustainable detox program that delivers a nutritious alternative to achieve hormonal balance. This gentle program will help you say goodbye to fatigue, skin issues, weight gain, poor sleep and mood swings.

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The Essential Detox

Essential Oils

A unique whole-foods detox program which is complemented by essential oils. This step-by-step approach to detoxing is designed to help you finally figure out which foods work for and fuel you – and which ones don’t – safely and quickly.

Essential oils can be used for so many different things including supporting our overall well-being, mood & emotions, skincare & beauty, cleaning & DIY, cooking and much more.


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The 10-day

The 21-Day


"Having lived a life giving myself to my work and family I got to the point of exhaustion... I have finally started to take time for myself!"

By being kind to myself, taking small steps towards feeling stronger, healthier and calmer. I feel like it's the beginning of a new lifestyle. I now feel joy and gratitude to a level I never have before.



Real Women, Real Results!

"Since starting the program I have changed my eating and exercise habits, and learned how to be more positive day to day. "

It's fantastic being able to download and keep a lot of the program for future reference.


Cleaned up her diet

"This program was one of the best things I have done all year!"

If you're sitting on the fence, please don't - it's life changing!


changed her life

Grab My Hormone Recovery Meal Plan

Say Goodbye to Belly Bloat, Weight Gain, Moodiness, and Crazy Hormones!  I will give you the hacks you need to regain control of your hormones and FIND BALANCE AGAIN. In all aspects of your life!

The Simple Guide for Going Toxin Free

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5 Steps to Detox for Healthy Hormones

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